Plenty of bouquets to choose from
Plenty of bouquets to choose from

We have been selling our flowers at the Abingdon Square Greenmarket, in the West Village of New York City, for over twenty years.

This market is located at the intersection of Bleecker Street and Hudson Street (8th Avenue, south of 14th St.), and is open on Saturdays, rain or shine, from about 8am to 2pm.

Depending on the weather, we have flowers to sell there from July through September.


The Greenmarkets of New York City , established in 1976, are a collection of premier farmers markets that host many of the top producers from the region. There are currently over 50 locations, mostly small parks and public spaces, in all five boroughs. A market is happening every day in one location or another – maybe right now! Here’s a gallery of market pictures. See anyone you know?

Farmers markets are a great place to stroll around, meet the people who grow your food and chat with your friends and neighbors. It’s the best place to pick up  fresh produce, bread, meat, fish… and, of course, flowers! How do we get set up for market? We captured it all on video!