Our Flowers

Zinnias come in a multitude of colors
Zinnias come in a multitude of colors

Sometimes, when people ask us what kind of flowers we grow, the easiest way to answer is: “We have everything from Amaranth to Zinnia.” That’s another way of saying that we cultivate about 50 varieties of annuals and perennials every year in our fields.

What’s Blooming?

The blooming period chart below shows the kinds of flowers we typically bring to market for every month of the growing season. The horizontal bars show when the harvest usually begins and ends – and the colors of the bars show the general color range of each type of flower.

Of course, weather and climate have a lot to do with when the harvest begins and ends each year, so the flowers we have at any particular time will vary. Also, since we grow several different varieties of many of the species listed, the color range will vary as well.

bloom chartMaking Arrangements

We specialize in making bouquets that highlight the beauty of this region’s native flowers. On any given week, our arrangements may feature brightly colored zinnias, delicately hued yarrow, or the deep autumn tones of amaranths and sunflowers – whatever is in the peak of bloom at that time. Wildflowers are a welcome addition to the mix, providing their distinctive charm. Because the blooming of field flowers is changeable, the look of our bouquets will vary – like the landscape itself, they reflect the progression of the seasons.