The Farm

summerfieldHow much land does it take to grow enough flowers to supply busy farmers markets and wedding celebrations? We have about 3.5 acres fenced in, to keep out hungry deer – but there’s a lot more open land on our property, where we harvest wildflowers and greens. In keeping with our goal of sustainable agriculture, we use only organic fertilizers and pest-control methods on the farm.

Like most of the nearby area, our entire spread was once a dairy farm. There were no structures on the land when we purchased it, so over time we built sheds and a greenhouse, plus our home. Fortunately, our vicinity has remained largely rural, and several horse farms (plus one flower farm) are now blooming where cows once reigned supreme. Yet some dairy farms are still thriving – including our near-neighbors, Ronnybrook Farms.


Spring planting season is the busiest time at our farm.Want to see how it’s done? Check out this video.

Fall is our favorite time to relax: after the hectic summer season, and before the snow flies. Here’s a look at fall on the farm.


And for even more pictures, have a look at our farm gallery.